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"Gymnastics is a foundation sport for all other sports.  This is because it develops agility, balance, coordination and speed (the ABC's of athleticism). These physical qualities are inherent in all sports. For this reason, all children will benefit from exposure to gymnastics during their first eight years. Participating in gymnastics at an early age, children will acquire "physical literacy", which is the foundation for life-long participation in physical activity and for successful performance at the elite level of sport".
Dr Istvan Bayli - world-renowned expert in Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)


Irish Gymnastics currently employs 3 full-time members of staff to develop our education system on two key fronts - internally through the development of our coaching ladder for our various disciplines of gymnastics and externally through the 'Springboard' programme to educate all sport in Ireland through the promotion of the key physical literacy skills and developed pre-habilitative & re-habilitative skills which are common within our sport.

Coaching Development Manager, Sally Filmer heads up the team working alongside Coaching Development Officer Garrett Buckley in the development of the internal coaching structure and Participation Officer Aimi Baker in the development of the Springboard programme in addition to Schools programme and club based resources.

Irish Gymnastics works in partnership with Coaching Ireland to ensure that our education systems and courses are developed to ensure we provide the best quality and most up-to-date coaching techniques and technical knowledge for our members and the sporting community in general.

Irish Gymnastics aims to provide clear procedures & structures to raise expectations for coaching by setting clear standards and targets, endeavouring…
• To provide a pathway allowing for the participation and for performance.
• To raise the profile of coaching and coaches in IG.
• To promote safety, fun and challenges through coaching, for coaches and participants.
• To ensure all participants have access to appropriately qualified coaches.
• To ensure all coaches receive education, information, training, instruction and qualifications appropriate to their level of involvement and ability.
• To develop a credible internationally recognised coaching system in Gymnastics.
• To allow for all participants to find their correct pathway whether it is as a volunteer, a coach, a gymnast or a judge

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